WebMaestro 1.2.0

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In this release the biggest thing is that I decided that the feature to create HTTP requests should be free. So after the trial period has expired then the application will continue to work, but you will only be able… Läs mer »WebMaestro 1.2.0

WebMaestro 1.1.0

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In this release, it is mainly some visual changes where I added some colors. I also renamed Server to Mock API as it reflects more of what it is. The big change is that I added #Script template support to… Läs mer »WebMaestro 1.1.0

WebMaestro v1.0.0

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This is the first release of WebMaestro which is a HTTP Rest testing tool. WebMaestro will help you to test Rest APIs by creating a HTTP request to your API where you can specify the content to send and then… Läs mer »WebMaestro v1.0.0