Reduce your time performing
REST API testing.

WebMaestro makes it easier to test your REST APIs
so you can get back to coding.


Query Parameters

Each Request page in WebMaestro has it’sWith WebMaestro it is possible to add or remove query parameters used in the HTTP request. Parameters can also be enabled and disabled to allow for testing different querys.

Response History

Each Request page in WebMaestro has it’s own HTTP response history. It is possible to save the response och create a new Mock API from it.


With WebMaestro a response to a HTTP request can be viewed and automatically formatted if the content type is XML or JSON. It is also possible to view response cookies and headers.


WebMaestro 1.6.0

Now WebMaestro has an installer to make it easier to install the product. Added context menu for duplicating HTTP headers which can be useful during testing. Added possibility to set a mean…

WebMaestro 1.5.0

In this release I updated the main menu to use a Ribbon control to look a little bit more modern. I also changed the colors on the tabs for requests and mock Api:s. Then there are some smaller improve…

WebMaestro 1.4.0

What’s new in this release: Request View NEW: Option for validation of server certificateNEW: Option for setting the request timeoutFIXED: Edit query parameters dialog didn’t behave as expectedN…


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