Crazy Simple HTTP Rest Testing Tool


Create HTTP Requests

Call Rest services with a few clicks with customizable requests.

Mock API

Set up a mock API when you do not have access to the target system and or have a need to customize the response.


WebMaestro 1.2.0

In this release the biggest thing is that I decided that the feature to create HTTP requests should be free. So after the trial period has expired then the application will continue to work, but you …

WebMaestro 1.1.0

In this release, it is mainly some visual changes where I added some colors. I also renamed Server to Mock API as it reflects more of what it is. The big change is that I added #Script template suppo…

WebMaestro v1.0.0

This is the first release of WebMaestro which is a HTTP Rest testing tool. WebMaestro will help you to test Rest APIs by creating a HTTP request to your API where you can specify the content to send…


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