Create SOAP Request

Create Requests

Creating requests for testing SOAP or REST APIs can be done quickly in WebMaestro. HTTP headers, client certificate or OAuth authentication can also be applied to the request to simplify testing.

View Responses

Each Request page in WebMaestro has it’s own response history view. Select a response and view the content of the body, HTTP headers, cookies. WebMaestro will apply automatic formatting and color coding for XML and JSON content. For HTML content there is a preview view where the HTML will be rendered. A new Mock API can easily be created from each response in the history.

View SOAP Reponses
Mock SOAP Response

Create Mock API

Create mock responses for SOAP or REST APIs with WebMaestro. It is easy to simulate different types of responses by setting the HTTP status code or a custom delay to test how the calling application behaves.

View Requests to Mock API

Requests made to the Mock API can be inspected in the Request history and later be used to create new request for API testing.

View Mock SOAP Requests

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