How to perform load testing
   September 24, 2022

Knowing how a web page or service is handling under load is important as it affects if you would need to scale out or up your servers. With load testing you could also identify and rectify performance issues. With WebMaestro you can perform basic load testing of a single url and see the average response times.

To get started with load testing do the following:

  1. Create a new request.

  2. Click the Test button to open the load test window.

  3. Enter the test parameters:

  • Threads: The number or parallel threads (simulated users) that should execute the test.
  • Execution time: The total time in seconds that the test should run.
  • Rampup time: The time in seconds it should take to add threads from zero to the number in Threads.
  • Delay: The time in seconds the test should wait before a thread execute the test again.
  1. Click the Run button to start the test.

  2. Review the test results.

Load test results

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